Emoticons – Express Yourself Simply

text content often represents the mood and intentions of the writer. However, many times, the desired effect is not achieved due to incorrect choice of words or improper framing proposals. Using emoticons can help convey the exact intention of the writer. Smiley in a text expression used to alert the reader to the aptly that the sender wishes to convey.

Such expressions have been used to transmit messages to and from the nineteenth century. They were mainly used in ordinary correspondence and text conversations. The emergence of the Internet has made them popular, and they came too often used. They are now an integral part of every conversation in a chat room. Just a few key strokes can convey a wide range of emotions. They are an easy way to respond in any mode IM conversation.

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Proper use of emoticons, you can pass your exact mood defendant. Smiley perhaps the most commonly used expression. However, there are dozens of them to choose from a list is constantly updated with new expressions and gestures coming every day – from simple to complex bit; from naughty to be stupid. Many sites allow you to download free emoticons. They can be easily and quickly downloaded.

We have often heard that a picture tells thousand words. Nothing justifies it more perfect than emoticons. Increased use of environmental technology has prompted developers to help create expressions using shortcuts on the keyboard. For example, if you type the word ‘Y’ in the course of conversation, the receiver will see thumbs expression, thus conveying what you want to say.

use these tiny symbols are universal cultures on the World Wide Web. Although the spread of its use recent phenomenon, there are many contenders for his invention. However, there is absolute understanding that the first emoticon was used smiley,:-), which later led to the creation of many other facial expressions built using keyboard characters. The invention Smiley words to describe such expressions is not associated with any individual. The word combination of words and emotion icons. Availability emoticon has contributed to its excessive use as a means of communication.

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As in any environment, these expressions have their share of supporters and critics. Konventsionalisty who are very conscious about the proper use of language to mock the very idea of ​​using emoticons. They mock the use of such expressions, arguing that good writers should be able to use the written word to express the state of mind or heart. Communication experts believe that the use of emoticons in text messages online more than makes up for the lack of body language and tenor voice expressions commonly used in oral communication.

Although they may seem random and silly, emoticons serve an important function. Even for those who does not have the art of good written communication skills and vocabulary, it can help them communicate their exact emotional state of mind during the online process of conversation. They are innovative and add a splash of color and a dash of energy in the gray prose.

In its evolution, emoticons turns out to be a means of expressing humor show many other forms of expression. Traditionally, young people dominate the use of this medium. However, do not be surprised if your professor or employer uses this form of expression to convey his displeasure – =. ((Or their statement: -)) in official reports in the near future

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